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Our Virtual Services

Every client has different needs, hence all clients can’t be placed in the same basket.

Each client deserves to be treated as if they are our only client.  Our services can be customised to suit your budget and your requirements.

We recommend having a meeting to discuss your pains and to determine your ideal service package.

We then set another meeting to discuss our customised proposal and take you through the steps of how our business relationship will flow without disturbing your current structures.

Call us now to set up a meeting Admin & General

Everyone does not have the love for admin, so why stress yourself out when you can outsource it to a trustworthy OBM. Let us handle it professionally and reach your deadlines. 

Need a quote or a gift sent to a client, did you perhaps forget your wife’s birthday. Rush no further we are able to source anything you need. From your office stationery to that special gift! A must in every office


Invoices again, another return of stock.  Arg, not another deadline for Taxes, STOP! Don’t let this be the pain of your day, week or month, get a professional bookkeeper to assist you get those payment deadlines met and invoices sent out correctly the first time. We can assist you from your invoicing right up until your tax submissions.

Appointment Setting

Have you ever dialled a number and gotten it wrong and given up eventually? Save yourself the frustration and get it done. We offer services to meet every appointment setting requirement.

Hosting Online Conferences & Meetings

Zoom hosting and co-hosting for conferences and meetings.  We are available to assist with chat sessions while live, muting all members and assist with screen sharing for presentations etc.

Appointment setting and hosting of meetings can be combined.


With all the worries you already have trying to ensure you get salaries for each month, let your payroll be a breeze in your day. We assist you keep accurate record of staff leave days, increases and bonus, as well as any third party deductions that may be required. We ensure your business is compliant with all labour regulations all day every day!

Data Capturing & Management

Capturing of data onto a spreadsheet or into a program can be very time-consuming. Let us handle the data, clean it up, leaving you with a well maintained CRM.

Travel Arrangements & Management

Our professional team are able to get you the most affordable prices on flights, car rental and accommodation, while working within your budget. Our team keeps you up to date with any flight delays. We assist in getting your itinerary confirmed. We can assist with getting appointments for Visa applications.

Websites & Social Media Channels

Let our creative team handle your website and social media requirements. When it comes to being creative they know just what every client wants and get your traffic flowing.

Empowerment Confidante

Do you miss working in the office and at times just feel the urge to tell someone how your day is going? Do you lack the motivation to conclude your tasks? Do you need someone that will give you a push in the right direction when you seem to be a little of the tracks? We can assist you, contact us for more info.

Bringing your office to you anytime, anywhere!

Here’s what our clients say

Aida is a true asset to any business and her work ethic is phenomenal. She is a superb business woman and really knows her shit, to put it bluntly. I recommend her to all my clients as well as anyone requiring someone with her level of expertise. Aida rocks!!!!


Mumtaz Barends

Every time we work with Aida we get nothing but the best from her, she manages to solve problems effortlessly and is always willing to help. We have been working with Aida since prior to her officially opening initially AVA Services and now AIDADIAS-OBM and we will recommend her services to anyone.

Willemien de Kock

I have had nothing but exceptionally great service from Aida, she goes out of her way to assist you even if it is not part of the services she offers. Aida even went out of her way to assist us with a client’s pet that had gone for a stroll, AIDADIAS-OBM can most definitely be recommended to anyone who wants to build a long term relationship

Yolandie Kopczynski

Aida Dias goes out of her way, thank you for your prompt and professional service.